Roadside & Turf

ChemPro understands that roadside miles and turf acreage cannot be maintained at a standard price that is consistent annually. Uncontrollable factors such as: heavy precipitation, extreme temperatures, and rising fuel costs force budgets to uncomfortable levels.

With this in mind, ChemPro has management plans that are specific to roadways and acreage to contain the increasing problem of maintenance costs.

Chemical mowing can offer the following:

  • Reduction in mowing frequency, thus minimizing workers exposure to dangerous work conditions while saving money on fuel and labor.

  • Minimize/eliminate repair and timely maintenance of equipment. Less hours spent on equipment result in longer periods between servicing and replacing parts on machines.

  • Create an aesthetically appealing and improved turf structure on acreage and roadways by controlling brush and broadleaf weeds.

  • Complete 50-100+ miles/day to achieve maintenance in record time.

  • Deliver a safer, more obstruction free landscape.

We take vegetation problems out of your hands,
so you can keep your hands around your business.