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ChemPro is proud to service all areas of energy exploration,
generation, and transportation. We are committed to partnering
with these and other utilities to develop and implement a
comprehensive vegetation management strategy.

Vegetation management programs are imperfect by their very
nature. Even the best programs and plans can sometimes
produce unpredictable results. Because of this it is important to
PARTNER with a contractor that will above all, stand behind
their program and results.

Our services offered for right-of way vegetation management include:
  • Mid-high volume broadcast applications
  • Low volume broadcast applications
  • Low volume backpack applications
  • Basal applications
  • Kudzu control
  • TGR's (Tree Growth Regulators)
energy Services:
  Power Generation Plants   Substations
  Transmission & Distribution   Rights-of-way
  Oil & Gas Exploration   Refining
  Tree Growth Regulators   Pole Yards
  Hand Cutting   Ant Control
  Turf Regulation    
Oil & Gas
“We Take Vegetation Problems out of your hands, so you can keep your hands around your business.”